I am a radio personality, reporter and copywriter operating in Brussels (Belgium) and San Francisco (California). Got a case of writer’s block in French? Let me help you.

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As a host and radio personality on MiNT at RTL Belgium group channel, I am live from Monday to Friday with Sylvie Degrelle from 10 am to 12 pm.

Becoming a radio personality has always been my childhood dream and I am very happy it came to past. I started this career – quite early –  at the age of 7 years old in my village – a few years later, in the neighboring village.  This activity took full-shape 15 years when I started broadcasting on Equinoxe FM in Liege (Belgium). I became a host the following summer in 1992 on TOP FM – at the time, the first private channel broadcasting in stereo in that region.  I worked with both private and public radio stations in my career.  Life is like a book with many chapters. Some radio stations I have worked with include : Europe 2 Belgique, Nostalgie Belgique, Bruxelles-Capitale, VivaBruxelles, La Première, Pure FM, MiNT, and much more.


Every Wednesday you can read my music spotlight in Metro Belgique.

Though I am today a journalist and a copywriter, I am a well-trained linguist (studied English-German translation at the Institut Libre Marie Haps of Brussels). I am working with NewsMaster for leading companies like BNP Paribas Fortis, Engie Electrabel, IBM, ING, Orange Belgium and Rossel Advertising. I have also been participating in a website devoted to open source – Toolinux – since 2001.


I moved to California in 2013 where I became the correspondent of RTBF Radio and a Belgium magazine (Elle Belgique) in San Francisco. In California, I also contributed to Frenchmorning (French online magazine in the US). In 2015, I took up a mission as a Music Specialist and Managing Editor – contractor position – for a prestigious Fortune 100 company  based in Cupertino (Silicon Valley).


In 2005, I wrote a Novel titled « Les pluies ne durent jamais en Écosse »  (Rains Never Last in Scotland), which is now available on Amazon

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MyExpat.us (USA)
Linagora Groupe (France)
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Treetop Asset Management (BE/UK)
Rossel Group / Le Soir.be (BE)

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